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WJN03 Locking tuners 3 & 3 for Les Paul SG ES Acoustic

£22.35 - £29.91

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£22.35 - £29.91

Wilkinson WJN03 EZ Lock Tuners 3 & 3 with Kidney Bean Buttons

Designed by Trevor Wilkinson for Epiphone/Gibson LP SG ES guitars, acoustic guitars, or any project that requires a set of high quality 3 & 3 machine heads.

These tuners have a sealed housing & mounting screw hole at 45 degrees.

The 1:19 gear ratio, combined with solid brass gears, ensures superior tuning stability and precision over the lower quality hardware typically found on standard & mid-range guitar models.

Wilkinson EZ-LOK System

This unique system features 2 string post holes drilled at 90 degrees from each other. Pull the string through one hole real tight, wrap 3/4 around the post, pull tight through the other hole. Tune to pitch, cut the string- DONE.

Use the top hole first for the E, A and D, use the bottom hole first for the G, B and E. Or, you can ignore it and string your guitar the traditional way, the choice is yours.

When it comes to value for money, Wilkinson hardware really is hard to beat. Made from high quality materials, and with great attention to detail, these tuners would not look out of place on any high-end instrument.


  • High quality construction
  • Wilkinson's unique EZ-LOK system
  • Ratio - 1:19
  • Solid brass gears
  • To fit 10mm tuner holes
  • Hex bushings and mounting screws included
  • Mounting hole at 45 degrees

Please note: some Les Paul models come with push-in bushings as standard. These are easily removed and replaced with the screw-in type supplied with these machine heads.

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Tuners 3 x 3
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3 x 3
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Screw-in hex bushing