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Wilkinson Wrap-around Bridge for Les Paul Junior / Jnr, etc, Badass

£18.05 - £20.15

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£18.05 - £20.15

Wilkinson Wraparound Bridge

The beauty of the Wilkinson wrap-around bridge is in it's simplicity, and it works brilliantly to deliver heaps of tone.

If you're going to ensure you get a lot of the extra sustain, note separation and improved tone from this style of bridge you need to make sure it's got some weight to it. Ours weigh in at around 155 grams, including the posts and bushings, and have a high quality Chrome plating to ensure you get as much string vibration transferred into your guitars body as possible.

The wilkinson GTB has a adjustable compensated D and G string and a adjustable post set screws for much easier intonation.

Product Specifications

String Spacing: 54mm (2 1/8")

Overall Length: 107mm

Width: 25mm

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Bridges - Wraparound