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Wilkinson W90 Soapbar P90 Neck & Bridge Pickup Set Soap Bar

£22.46 - £23.09

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£22.46 - £23.09

Wilkinson W90 Soapbar Pickups with Alnico V Magnets

During the last few years, as players have really come to appreciate their unique tone, P90 pickups have made somewhat of a comeback. These Wilkinson P-90 pickups have the perfect blend of output and high-end response. Compared to a standard single coil, the tone is fatter, with more “beef” and more mids. Through a valve amp these pickups will bring a smile to your face, overdriven or clean!

Output Neck: 5.7K • Output Bridge: 7.8K

Pole spacing Neck: 50mm • Pole spacing Bridge: 50mm


Length - 85mm
Width - 34mm

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  • 5
    Pick Ups

    Posted by Kevin Lambert on 29th Mar 2019

    Really good pups. Why pay more

  • 5
    Wilkinson W90

    Posted by Bo Östman on 6th Feb 2019

    This is a very god set of pickups. Not for the price. Just very god!
    I put them in a very high end ESP/Navigator Goldtop Custom Shop. The third set I had in there.
    More open sounding and than the avrage P90 and with elements of single coil as well as humbuckers they are a great suprise. Sometimes "boutique" is a waste of money.
    That said they got a sound of their own. A god one IMO.

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    wilkinson w90 ( p90 pickup )

    Posted by Reginald Duff on 11th Aug 2018

    I wanted a P90 pickup to put into the neck position on a telecaster . I didnt want to buy an expensive pickup as I wanted to see if I liked it first. Not only do I like the extra beef from the neck position , I have no intention of replacing the Wilkinson as I am delighted with the tones it produces, great value for money