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Wilkinson VINTAGE Ceramic Single Coil Pickups


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Wilkinson MWHS Vintage Ceramic Single Coil Pickups

The sound of these 60's replica pickups is incredible, even before you consider their price. They offer that vintage, warm tone suited to many styles of playing. The vintage staggered magnets give a very authentic sound which is sparkly clean. However, when pushed with some overdrive, these pickups offer a rich, smooth as butter tone.

The middle pickup is reverse wound and reverse polarity, so that it cancels the hum as a 'humbucker' would when playing in position 2 & 4 on a traditional 5 way set-up. The bridge pickup is slightly hotter to give it a higher output and balance the pickups as a set. If you're looking for high output then these pups pack one hell of a punch!


• Magnets: Ceramic
• Bridge: 6..1k (+/- 10%)
• Middle: 5.5k (+/- 10%)
• Neck: 5.4k (+/- 10%)
• Pole Spacing Bridge:52mm • Middle:50mm •  Neck:50mm

Screws & springs included

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    Wilkinson Vintage ceramic pick ups

    Posted by Paul kelly on 1st May 2019

    Delivered on time well wrapped and sound awesome

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    Posted by Mark on 5th Nov 2018

    The pickups are great. I am fixing up an old Tanglewood electric and replacing parts that don't seem to be working too well anymore. The pickups didn't come with any wiring instructions however. which i thought, was a bit of bummer, i had to do a bit of research and it seems to have worked, but the cable colours were differen to the ones i replaced and thought a simple diagram or electronics blueprint would have made the job go a bit easier. otherwise, the pickups are great, and guitar sounding better than new.