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Wilkinson Hot Alnico V Single Coil Pickups


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Wilkinson WHS "HOT" Pickups with Alnico V Magnets

These single coil pickups include non-staggered, flat pole-pieces, which make them the perfect choice if you use effects pedals, providing a great amount of natural sustain. The middle pickup is reverse wound and reverse polarity for hum cancellation.

The bridge pickup is slightly hotter to give it a higher output and balance the pickups as a set. If you're looking for high output then these pups pack one hell of a punch!


• Magnets: Alnico V
• Bridge: 7.9k
• Middle: 7.0k
• Neck: 7.0k

Screws & springs included

Pole spacing: Bridge: 52mm, Middle: 50mm, Neck: 50mm

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Stratocaster Pickups

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    Poor fixing screws. Way TOO thin!

    Posted by Bob on 3rd Nov 2019

    I mounted these on the new Pick guard that I was Constructing. Setting their heights approximately. Some five minutes later the Middle pick up came loose and slid down one of its fixing screws. Then the second screw did the same. The pressure of the spring alone had caused the Pick up to come be pushed back down the screws! It was down to the screws being way too small in diameter. How much longer before the other two Pick ups did the same thing? NOT good news. I then wasted lots of time sourcing 6 larger diameter screws which then held the Pick ups much more securely. NOT a good start. Once set up etc I was extremely pleased with the quality "sound" each Pick up produced, and just how smart they look.