Why Social?

Why are a lot of draws and competitions on our social channels?

Recently, we have started to run a few competitions and draws on our social media channels.

We understand it might make people who don't have a social media account feel somewhat 'left out', so we felt it important to explain why we have started to do this.

At the time of writing, we don't have a huge social media following. Although it might seem at first more of a vanity thing, please understand that this is NOT the case.

It's vital in todays evolving world that we have a strong social media presence. There's a whole host of reasons, of which we'll list a few below. It's important to remember that EVERY business that is thriving has a strong social following, and we don't want to be any different, but it really is a 2-way street and benefits our customer base as well as ourselves.

First of all, it enables us to listen to our customers in a single targeted place. The stock suggestions campaign we ran is a great example of this. That adds important credibility to ourselves and gives a confidence to our customers that we care what they think. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and we want to be doing right by them. 

Secondly, it helps us gauge audience feedback, and allows others to view that feedback. It adds a transparency that otherwise wouldn't be there. Those not on social media sadly will never really get the opportunity to see what others think and are therefore a lot more 'on their own' or in the dark. The testimonials campaign we ran is a great example of this. Everyone can see first hand how a product or service has been received or reviewed. It really is the same principle as a group of people talking about a product or service, or whatever it may be, over dinner or in the school playground etc, but on a much larger scale.

Thirdly, it increases the personalisation and interaction. Without social media, you make your transaction, on a screen and then that's kind of it. You don't get to see the tone of voice, or the people behind the scenes. In our case, we love to share with others when a customer brings a guitar in for a service or repair and we can demonstrate the before and after, and also on occasion show some of our hugely talented staff playing the guitar.

Social media allows for faster communication between ourselves and also from customer to customer. It also gives us an organic constant visibility, and we want to give our followers regular engaging content.

Finally from our point of view, quite simply, we want to be as successful as possible. There's a correlation between healthy social media activity and search engine rankings, and increasing website traffic is the holy grail of any business.

If there is a business out there who doesn't value the importance of the aspects listed above, rest assured they won't be a business for much longer!

Again, we understand that this might no be immediately apparent to everyone, so hopefully this sheds a bit more light for those who might not have realised our reasons.

Hopefully see you on our social channels :)