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Tonerider Hot Classics Telecaster Pickups

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Power Up Your Telecaster!

A higher wind on Alnico III magnets makes our Hot Classics a must for the rock and blues player who want more edge from their telecasters. Hot Classics have a stronger midrange, thicker bass response and a raunchy upper register.

Loud, spanky, complex with a clear bass and strong mids

The Alnico III magnets offer great note separation, even for chord work using boost and overdrive pedals. Nickel and Gold covers are available at the same great price!


Magnets: Alnico III
Output: 7.2k (neck), 9.1k (bridge)
RWRP for hum-cancelling in notch positions
Supplied with mounting screws & spacers


Right Handed
Neck and Bridge
Alnico III
Pickup Type:

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    Tonerider Hot Classics Telecaster pickup set

    Posted by J on 7th Jul 2020

    I wanted to improve the sound of my SX Telecaster, which is a nice guitar but I felt its neck pickup was a bit weak and uninspiring. I heard a lot of good things about these Tonerider set, and I've liked this brand's pickups in a couple of basses, so I decided to give them a try. They're a great improvement. Very well balanced and sweet sounding. Lovely clean, raunchy high gain, and fantastic for that in-between sound when you back off the volume and you can go from clean to dirty simply by playing a bit softer or harder. No need to spend a fortune when Tonerider consistently gets such good pickups. And Northwest guitars? Great service, as usual. The pickups arrived the next day. Very pleased. :)

  • 5
    Best tele pickups

    Posted by Alexander Toro on 3rd Jul 2020

    Even though they are hot pickups, clean tones are nice and clear. Overdrive tones and distorted are insanely brutal. Very happy. Ultra fast delivery.

  • 4
    Good Pickups, but not 'True Tele' pickups

    Posted by Jeremy Cooper on 7th Mar 2020

    These are good pickups in their own right. They have a very good, clear tone, and even when you put a lot of gain on them, the notes are still very clear. HOWEVER if you are after something that offers that classic Tele twang... These are not it. When you're playing the bridge pickup on full I keep wanting to reach for the tone knob and roll it up, it feels like there's a bit of top end missing. If this was on any other guitar I don't think it would be a problem. It's just you expect a Tele to have a twang.. and this kinda doesn't... It almost feels like you're still playing on the middle position. You could probably offset that to a degree with a decent EQ setting, and to be fair my Amp just has a single tone knob, and I don't have an EQ pedal. So maybe once I get an EQ pedal I'll be happier.
    For context, I put these in a Bullet Tele, replacing the original stock pickups, and they were decent pickups. I can put more gain on these and still retain definition to the notes. But the bullet pickups were more twangy and in although I don't play a lot of stuff that NEEDS twang, I still miss it.
    Still giving these 4 stars as they are still good pickups, and great value for the sound quality you get. And if you don't have to have the twang, these will do fine. If you do want a proper Tele twang though, save up a bit longer and get yourself some Yosemites or Tex-Mex's from Fender

  • 5
    Simply the best

    Posted by Rachel Taylor on 19th Apr 2019

    I think Tonerider make some of the best pickups on the market.There is very little hum from the pickups and the build quality is of a high standard.