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TonePros Aluminum Featherweight Locking Tailpiece


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TonePros Aluminum Locking Tailpiece Nickel Finish

A true to '50s vintage-style lightweight stop tailpiece with the TonePros locking feature. The T1ZSA tailpiece set comes with matching U.S. thread studs. Aluminum provides an extra resonant quality and the TonePros patented locking feature adds significantly improved sustain and tuning stability.  



Model Number: T1ZSA-N

Thread: 5/16 – 24 US Thread

Stud to Stud Spacing: 3.22 inches/ 82mm

Tailpiece Material: (Featherweight) High-Grade Vintage Spec Aluminum

Stud Material: Brass

Stud Cap Size: 13mm/.5in



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    Good solid product

    Posted by Mick Di Trana on 23rd Sep 2019

    The are several aftermarket locking tailpieces available. I opted for TonePros because the height adjustment can be fine tuned, whereas other brands have spacers that means you are limited in the adjustment. Not the lightest tailpiece available but it is well made.