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TFA65 Telecaster Neck Pickup Large Pole Pieces


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Artec TFA65 Neck Pickup

Artec Coverless Neck pickup with oversized pole pieces for Telecaster guitars

  • Oversized Alnico V rod magnets
  • Fiberboard bobbin
  • Waxed cloth covered leads
  • Resistance: 7.9K
  • Includes screws and springs

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    Artec Telecaster neck pickup. TFA65

    Posted by Phil on 15th Jan 2021

    Well,this is a hidden gem in the murky world of telecaster neck pickup replacement.
    I was unhappy with the variation of the standard pickups in my Roadworn .Each position had its merits but the variation was too much for my needs.
    The neck position was the one to change and this Artec had a similar spec. to another fat pole replacement which was quite expensive.
    The quality is exceptional ,both in terms of construction and tonal depth and responsiveness,trending the line between good bass but not boomy and top end crispness without screechy scratchyness .
    Don’t be put off by the very reasonable price,this is the real thing!
    I had ‘just what I needed ‘ (Cars) sound in mind and guess what....?....this is indeed just what I needed!

  • 5
    neck pickup

    Posted by Kevin Palmer on 28th Jun 2020

    just the job, good value