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Telecaster Tele 3 Way Electrics Wiring Kit - CTS pots, Orange Drops, Oak 4-way Switch


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Telecaster 3-way wiring Electrics Kit

Upgrade your axe with top of the range components, as found in most genuine Fender USA Strats. Improve the tone of your guitar without spending a fortune on a new set of pickups.

Kit contains:

1 x Genuine Oak Grigsby 3-way switch
2 x Genuine CTS audio taper Pot (250k or 500k)
1 x Genuine Sprague Orange Drop Cap 
2ft Vintage cloth covered wire - White
2ft Vintage cloth covered wire - Black
1 x Mono output jack socket
Choose either split shaft or solid shaft pots
Please note: Solid shaft pots have a larger diameter (6.2mm) than split shafts (6mm). This can cause a problem when trying to find knobs to fit solid shaft pots. All our knobs are designed for 6mm shaft pots.

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