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Telecaster Deluxe Compatible Wiring Kit - USA Components

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Product Description

Telecaster Deluxe Wiring Kit

This Telecaster Deluxed Wiring Kit is a powerful upgrade for the stock electronics of your Fender/Squier Telecaster. Packed with high quality components from top manufacturers, its an inexpensive way to improve the tonality of your guitar.


Our Telecaster Deluxe wiring kit is a direct replacement for genuine Fender guitars,  and is also compatible with Squier/import models with a little modification. When installing on an Squier or import guitar, you may need to widen the control knob holes to ensure the pots fit. You may also need to replace your current guitar knobs with their imperial sized cousins.

All of our kits come with an easy to follow wiring diagram. For help on using our Telecaster® Deluxe wiring kit please refer to our video guide on Wiring a Tele Deluxe

The Telecaster Deluxe Wiring Kit includes:

  • 4 x 500k Matched audio taper pots (10% tolerance)
  • 2 x .047uf Capacitor (Orange Drop or Paper in Oil)
  • 1 x Switchcraft USA right angle toggle switch
  • 2ft black cloth wire
  • 2ft white cloth wire
  • 5ft Braided Push back hookup wire
  • 1 x Switchcraft USA 1/4'' jack socket
  • Heat shrink tubing

Orange Drop Capacitor

Orange Drop capacitors are often described as ’bright’ sounding and their primary benefit comes from their reliability, they essentially never go wrong. For a professional guitarist, stability and consistency is what you need in an instrument that has to play shows night after night, which is exactly why Orange Drop capacitors are so popular amongst guitarists and guitar builders.

CTS Audio Taper Pots

CTS pots are typically used by higher end guitar builders and techs but this is not due to any difference in tone. The main reason cited for using CTS pots is that they will last longer due to a more sturdy construction, and for that reason you’ll often find them used in USA-made guitars and guitar gear.

We supply audio taper pots for both volume and tone as these produce a smoother and more rounded sweep. All pots are metered and matched to ensure a perfect balance of tone and volume across all switch positions.

Switchcraft Right Angle Toggle Switch

Large guitar manufacturers will very often cut corners by using cheaper components, particularly on the input jack. Switchcraft have a great reputation for using only the highest quality materials in their components, providing a significant durability and performance upgrade over cheaper parts. 

Switchcraft Mono Output Jack

Another great component made in the USA, with imperial threads. Standard issue on USA Strats and Telecasters.

Gavitt Braided Shielded Wire

Used in the majority of high-end, genuine Gibson guitars, Gavitt Braided Shielded Wire is a clever invention that utilises the outer 'braided' portion as the ground whilst the hot runs inside the outer braid to connect up your volume and input jacks. This greatly reduces the number of wires inside the cramped cavities of most Gibson/Epiphone models, making the whole re-wiring process simpler and cleaner. 

Cloth Push Back Wire

Push back cloth wire features regularly on high end and vintage guitars, providing easy usability for neat and tidy wiring jobs. It's double insulated to prevent you burning through the outer wire and there's no need for wire stripping thanks to its push- back design.

Paper-in-Oil Cap Upgrade

Want an extra vintage tone upgrade? Add Paper-in-Oil caps instead of Orange Drop. Paper in Oil (PIO) capacitors are an older technology, highly sought after primarily due to their use in many vintage instruments such as 50s era Gibsons. The capacitor is literally filled with paper and a special oil before being sealed in thermoplastic, delivering a darker, warmer and smoother tone.

Heastshrink Tubing 

Perfect for insulating joints, and for funnelling wires through tight spots. An excellent and inexpensive way of keeping your wiring tidy. You will need a heat gun or the shaft of a soldering iron to shrink the tubing once fitted!

Treble Bleed Upgrade

This 0.001uF capacitor together with a 130k resisitor are soldered to your volume control, resulting in a more uniform sweep from 1-10 and preventing treble loss at lower volumes

Please note - This kit does require some minimal modification to the neck pickup. You will be need to de-solder the pickup casing and then add a second ground wire from the casing to the main circuit (see images). It is simple to do but if you are not comfortable please take your guitar to a guitar tech who can do this for you.

Will this fit my guitar?

Our wiring kit for Telecaster will fit all genuine Fender USA/MIM Telecasters and will also fit the majority of Telecaster type guitars and imported models.

Many imported models use the smaller Alpha pots, so it may be neccesary to drill your pickguard holes to 10mm diameter to accommodate the larger USA pot shafts. If you are upgrading your Alpha pots to CTS then you will also need to purchase imperial control knobs that fit the larger CTS pot shafts.

All of our kits come with an easy to follow wiring diagram. For help on using our Tele wiring kit please refer to our video guide on wiring a Telecaster


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