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Snark ST-2 Chromatic Tuner & Metronome for Guitar Bass Ukelele

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 SNARK ST2 Tuner & Metronome

 For Guitar Bass Ukulele Banjo Violin Cello Mandolin 
The new Snark ST2 may be the best Snark tuner yet, building on the success and popularity of the other Snark tuners. This sensitive clip-on tuner has a firm grip, but padded jaws to protect your instrument's finish. It's extended range takes well beyond guitar and bass, letting it cover other stringed and even brass instruments. 
The tap tempo metronome is a great feature to help you stay on the beat.


  • Upgraded faster chip for even higher accuracy
  • High resolution display
  • Extended frequency range tunes all Instruments
  • Fully chromatic tuner
  • Display rotates 360 degrees
  • 'Stay Put’ clip
  • Fast and deadly accurate
  • Tap tempo metronome
  • Transpose feature
  • Choose internal mic or high sensitivity vibration sensor
  • Pitch calibration 415–466 Hz