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Wilkinson Hot Alnico V Single Coil Pickups


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Wilkinson WHS "HOT" Pickups with Alnico V Magnets

These single coil pickups include non-staggered, flat pole-pieces, which make them the perfect choice if you use effects pedals, providing a great amount of natural sustain. The middle pickup is reverse wound and reverse polarity for hum cancellation.

The bridge pickup is slightly hotter to give it a higher output and balance the pickups as a set. If you're looking for high output then these pups pack one hell of a punch!


• Magnets: Alnico V
• Bridge: 7.9k
• Middle: 7.0k
• Neck: 7.0k

Screws & springs included

Pole spacing: Bridge: 52mm, Middle: 50mm, Neck: 50mm

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