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Rustins 500ml Pure Natural Tung Oil Matt Finish - For all Types of Guitar Body

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Rustins Tung Oil

Rustin's Pure Tung Oil is a pure natural non-toxic oil and is completely free from solvent. It has good penetration into all types of timber (including ash, alder and mahogany)without leaving a film and its special properties make it highly resistant to water, alcohol and food stuffs. It is additive free and safe for use in contact with food. It forms a hard wearing finish making it suitable for All types of guitar bodies and necks.

Very easy to apply with a lint free cloth. Simply wipe on, remove any excess and leave to dry. Can be used in conjunction with our Poly and Nitro top coats. Just make sure to allow oil to dry completely before applying any other products. 

Product Features

  • Pure oil, so solvent free
  • Water and alcohol resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural matt finish