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Cellulose Thinners for use with Nitrocellulose Guitar Paints 300ml

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Rustins Cellulose Thinners

Rustins cellulose thinners come in handy small sizes. They work well in conjunction with our range of nitrocellulose touch up paints. If youre looking to repair a chip or a scratch, and find that the paint is too thick straight out of the bottle, then adding thinners (up to 1:1) will thin out the paint, allowing you to apply more even coats that will dry a lot faster.

Thinners can also be used for cleaning brushes and spray equipment after use.


 Cellulose thinners
Suitable for cellulose paint and nitrocellulose lacquer
Enhances gloss finish
Use up to 1:1 with any of our tinned paints and lacquers

Use only in a well ventilated area. Suitable breathing apparatus should be worn

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    Cellulose Thinners

    Posted by RICHARD SMITH on 16th Oct 2020

    This is the first time I have used any thinners and it seemed to work fine for what I was doing.