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Rotosound RS200 Top Tape Monel Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings 12-52 Gauge

(You save £2.90 )
(You save £2.90 )
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Rotosound TOP TAPE Jazz Guitar Strings

Stainless Steel Nickel Free Ribbon

Still the favourite for players of jazz, fusion, slide and studio work alike.

The smooth feel from the stainless steel tape offers noiseless fingering yet still allows for an element of upper harmonics to cut through without the twang of a roundwound.


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    Tape wound electric strings.

    Posted by Vincent O'Brien on 28th May 2020

    Bought these for my open G tuned electric. Great smooth feel and tone. Perfect for finger style + slide guitar with a bit of overdrive to push things. Probably also great for jazz players too.