Guitar Setups & Repairs

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Whether you're a gigging musician or a bedroom enthusiast, it's important that your instrument is is setup to play as well as it possibly can. If you're looking for a simple string replacement, or a complete overhaul we can now help.

It's long been our mission to add these services to our current business, but we've held off until we were able to find a guitar tech with the necessary skills and experience.

We're now pleased to announce that Steve Mulvaney has joined our team and will be offering his services to those whose guitars need a little TLC or something more significant. Steve has a vast knowledge of all things guitar, and over 10 years experience working in various local music shops as their in-house guitar tech, so we're over the moon that he's decided to join us.

With the ongoing demise of the high street music retailer, demand for this type of service in Warrington and the surrounding area has increased massively in the past 12 months, so we're really pleased to finally offer our own in-house solution.

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Here are just a some of the services we're able to offer:

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