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Proguard mould your own custom ear plugs - Beige

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Pro-Guard Ear Protec ProGuard 'Make Your Own' Earplugs - Beige

It's easy and simple to do, read the comprehensive instructions and set about making your own custom fit earplugs in a matter of minutes. Available in three different colours (red, blue and beige) "Mould Your Earplugs" are true custom fit earplugs meant only for your ears at a budget price.
ProGuard MYO are excellent for a number of activities including motorcycling, motorsports, DIY, Shooting just to name a few - in fact they are useful anywhere noise can be a problem.
If you have found in the past generic fit foam or re-useable earplugs uncomfortable to wear then ProGuard MYO is the solution you may have been looking for.



Soft, permanent custom fit
No mess
Comfortable and can be used for extended periods
Simple, easy to follow instructions
Quick setting (approx 10 mins depending on room temperature), safe, non toxic hypo-allergenic two part silicone
Environmentally friendly
Long lasting and washable
If made as instructed will give about 24dB of noise reduction.