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Proguard Lin-Ear PR20 linear Attenuation Music Earplugs

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Proguard Lin-Ear PR20 Music Earplug 

Proguard Lin-Ear PR20 Linear attenuating musicians earplugs Best generic musicians earplugs on the market Better than Alpine Musicsafe pro and Etymotic ER20 Reusable music filters - SNR 19db comes with 2 ear tips sizes - Small and Standard A universal fit earplug designed to be used by musicians, DJ's, concert goers and music enthusiasts to listen to load music in perfect clarity. Using advanced membrane technologied the PR20 employes a reusable, universal size audio filter. While other hearing protection products can muffle and distort sound, the PR20 provides full frequency enjoyable audio at a safe listening level. The elegant design also offers an open air passage to the ear, minimising the occlusion effect, whilst keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort. Occlusion effect occurs when using some earplugs, typically low frequencies of your own voice can be transmitted through bone conduction. PR20 eliminates this effect.



Unique filters offer unrivaled performance
Comes with two size eartips - Most people will find an excellent fit
Eliminates occlusion effect
Best generic earplugs on the market



1 Year