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Water Based Wood Stain - Amber - 250ml


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Northwest Guitars Water-Based Wood Stain - 250ml

After months of research and testing, we're really excited to introduce our new range of guitar specific water-based wood stains. 

Designed to work best on light coloured woods, these stains will produce a deep vibrant finish, with easy application and relativley quick drying times.

Our stains can be used straight out of the tin, with the mnimum of prep (just sand the unfinished body smooth) and applied with a lint free cloth or sponge appliator. Drying time is around 3 hours. 2 coats tends to be enough for a deep rich finish, but addtional coats can be applied if you're looking for a deeper colour. 

Conversely, if you're looking for a lighter finish, our stains can be easily diluted with water.

All of our coloured stains can also be mixed together to achieve custom shades. 

One 250ml bottle will give you plenty to play with, with enough product to easily complete 2 or 3 guitars.  

Apply with a lint-free cloth or sponge applicator.  Rub away any excess ot achieve even coverage.  Allow to dry and then apply further coats until you reach your desired shade.

Please note: Colour may vary slightly depending on number of coats applied, wood type and preparation method

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Product Reviews

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    'Golden' hue.

    Posted by Roger Henderson on 21st Mar 2021

    I had imagined a more golden colour than many wood stains were offering so I looked and I looked. This amber stain does the trick. Very pleased with the results.Thanks

  • 3

    Posted by Stephen Page on 12th Jul 2020

    I can really only rate this product in terms of my own experience with it - so it might be a 5-star product but my experience was not so good.

    I tested it out using a decorators sponge on a piece of flat T&G pine. It went only beautifully and the colour was just right. However, I wanted to use it on a guitar neck and that is full of complex curves and produces an array of different wood-grain profiles.

    Like another reviewer said, the wood soaked up the stain in different ways on different parts of grain and two areas would not absorb the stain at all.

    I tried several times but it just looked wrong, so I had to sand it all off. I've now used a finishing oil which has darkened the tone of the wood and given a superb finish.

    For the record, I tried a sponge, a brush and a cloth to apply the stain, but eventually found that a piece of kitchen roll (courtesy of Juan Sheet) was the easiest way to apply it - but that still didn't make it stain evenly.

  • 5
    Amber stain

    Posted by white jeff on 8th Jul 2020

    Super colour. Love it. An excellent company as well.

  • 2
    Didn't work for me

    Posted by Joe Gillespie on 19th Jun 2019

    I wanted to refinish the top of my Taylor acoustic because it had a small dent in it. I sanded the spruce top back to the bare wood and applied two coats of diluted amber stain with a sponge 'brush'. The finish was hopelessly blotchy as the varying grain density of the spruce soaked up different amounts of the stain. I had to sand it all off again. Might be okay on other woods but this didn't work for me.

  • 5
    Amber Wood stain

    Posted by Mike Perkins on 14th May 2019

    Excellent product, produced a first class finish, highly recommended.