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Northwest Guitars Water Based Glossy Top Coat for Acoustic Guitars - 2


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Water-Based Top Coat for Acoustic Guitars - 250ml

After months of research and testing, we're really excited to introduce our new acoustic guitar specific glossy top coat.. 

Becasue of their thin wooden bodies, acoustic guitars require a finish with a certain amount of flexibility. This rules out nitrocellulose finishes as these become brittle and crack over time. Polyurethane finishes are also unsuitable as these tend to be thick and inflexible.  

We've developed a water-based clear top coat specifically for acoustic guitars, with special additives for increased flexibility which won't affect your guitars ability to resonate. 

This water based product will produce a glossy finish, with easy application and relativleylittle sanding and buffing.

This product can be used straight out of the tin, with the mnimum of prep (just sand the body smooth) and applied with a lint free cloth or sponge appliator. Drying time is around 3 hours. 3-4 coats tend to be enough for a deep rich finish, but addtional coats can be applied if necessary.

One 250ml bottle will give you plenty to play with, with enough product to easily complete 2 or 3 guitars.  

Apply with a lint-free cloth or sponge applicator.  Allow to dry and then apply further coats until you reach your coverage.

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