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Natural Gloss Hardtail Stratocaster Electric Guitar Body - 2 Piece American Alder


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Replacement Alder Hardtail Stratocaster body

We've been making bodies and necks for many years now, and we have achieved a reputation among builders and luthiers for producing wood products of the highest quality.

We use only hand selected hardwoods from the USA to ensure consistency and quality, and manufacture everything in our own factory. We run a relatively small operation, meaning we can make everything by hand, without the need for expensive CNC machinery, thus keeping the costs relatively low.

All our Strat bodies are made from 2 piece matched American alder. 


• All control panels and neck pocket pre routed
• Neck pocket and strap pin holes pre-drilled
• String-through holes predrilled with 10.8mm (54mm E to E) string spacing
• Weight - 2.2kg (approx)
• Neck pocket depth - 17mm
• Neck pocket width 55.5mm (2 3/16")
• Neck pocket length - 76mm
• Body thickness - 46mm

Finished to an exceptionally high standard in POLYURETHANE

Neck pocket made to standard Fender Specifications
Our bodies are compatible with genuine Fender necks

2 Piece American alder
String Spacing:
10.8mm (54mm E to E)
2.2kg (4lb 8oz)
Body thickness:
46mm (1 13/16")
Neck pocket width:
55.5mm (2 3/16")
Neck pocket depth:
17mm (43/74")
Control cavity depth:
38.5mm (1 33/64")
Pickup cavity depth:
17mm (43/64")
Other information:
Strap button holes pre-drilled