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MT33N Round Back Metal Tulip Tuners Machine Heads 3x3 Nickel


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Set of 3 & 3 Modern round-back Kluosn machine heads

  • Sealed and self lubricating
  • Suitable for almost all 3 & 3 style headstocks
  • Excellent tuning accuracy
  • Ratio 1:18
  • Supplied with colour matched 10mm bushings and screws
  • To fit 10mm tuner holes

The name KLUSON® established standards back in its day – and it continues to do so today with modern tuners that represent state-of-the-art guitar technology. Moreover, they prove the point that modern attributes need not mean sacrificing good design. The KLUSON® Round Back series truly represents functionality, quality and design at the highest level.

Northwest Guitars Ltd is an authorised dealer of Kluson® products

Sub Category:
Tuners 3 & 3
Tuner Orientation:
3 & 3
Gear ratio:
Tuner hole size:
Bushing type:
Screw-in hex bushing