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MC33N 3&3 Machine Heads Nickel


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Set of 3-a-side genuine vintage Kluson machine heads

  • For Gibson Style Guitars
  • Very lightweight. Ideal for those looking for a less heavy headstock.
  • Excellent tuning accuracy
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Supplied with colour matched bushings and screws
  • Choose between bushings for 8mm or 10mm tuner holes

At the beginning of the 60's the Double Line logo was introduced on the outside edges of the rear housing. Here the words KLUSON and DELUXE were situated vertically to the left and right of the lubrication point. The tuners of our Double Line series are similar to those of the 60's in every detail. 

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Sub Category:
Tuners 3 & 3
Tuner Orientation:
3 & 3
Gear ratio:
Tuner hole size:
Bushing type:
Push-in bushing