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J-805 Tuners 3 & 3 with Oval Buttons

£20.46 - £27.60
£20.46 - £27.60
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J-805  Guitar Tuners 3 & 3 with Oval Buttons

Designed for Acoustic/electric guitars, or any project that requires a set of high 3 & 3 machine heads.

These tuners have a sealed housing to prevent dust contamintation, and two locator pegs (rather than a mounting screw) on the back of the tuner.

The 1:15 gear ratio, combined with solid brass gears, ensures superior tuning stability and precision over the lower quality hardware typically found on standard & mid-range guitar models.

Made for us by manufacturers that produce parts for some of the industry’s best known brands, these tuners deliver the same quality, but at a much more competitive price!


  • High quality construction
  • Ratio - 1:15
  • Solid brass gears
  • To fit 10mm tuner holes
  • To fit 3 & 3 headstocks

Each tuner is secured in place using two locator pegs on the back of the tuner, and a hex bushing that screws directly into the tuner from the front of the headstock

3 & 3