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J-05 Locking Guitar Tuners 3 & 3 - Oval Buttons

£26.24 - £34.22
£26.24 - £34.22
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J-05L Locking Guitar Tuners 3 & 3 with Oval Buttons

Speed up your re-stringing with this Set of high quality locking machine heads with oval buttons.

Designed for Epiphone / Gibson LP SG ES guitars, or any project that requires a set of high quality 3 & 3 machine heads.

These tuners offer a unique string locking function which is more discreet than many other locking tuners available today. Simply thread the string though the hole in the peg, then twist the peg to secure the string. Simple and effective. No bulky thumbwheel to contend with, which reduces overall weight, resulting in a more balanced headstock. 

These tuners have a sealed housing & mounting screw hole at 45 degrees.

The 1:15 gear ratio, combined with solid brass gears, ensures superior tuning stability and precision over the lower quality hardware typically found on standard & mid-range guitar models.

Made for us by manufacturers that produce parts for some of the industry’s best known brands, these tuners deliver the same quality, but at a much more competitive price!


  • High quality construction
  • Twist-locking function
  • Ratio - 1:19
  • Solid brass gears
  • To fit 10mm tuner holes
  • Hex bushings and mounting screws included
  • Mounting hole at 45 degrees
3 & 3