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Internal Acoustic Guitar Transducer with End Pin Jack

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Internal Transducer Pickup

This internal transducer pickup has been designed to catch the natural resonance sound of various instruments. This can be mounted inside and outside surface of instrument with re-usable adhesive film.

The pickup is placed between the bridge saddle and the bridge itself, and vibrations from the string cause changes in pressure, changing the voltage of the piezoelectric material.

How They Sound - Very clear and direct, with a purely ‘string sound’ rather than the resonances of the guitar’s body.

A very controllable sound with greatly minimised risk of feedback.

Simple and quick to fit. Supplied with 1/4” end pin jack


  • Passive pickup - no battery or preamp required
  • Installs quickly and securely to the inside/outside surface of your guitar using the adhesive film provided
  • Complete with 1/4" endpin jack socket.
1 Year

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    Posted by Colin on 6th Nov 2018

    I have fitted this pickup inside my 3 string cigar box and i' m very impressed with the output. First time I have tried one and will now fit one to a 4string cigar box I am making.