How to Guides


If you're finding it difficult to get your guitar playing how you want, or you need some further guidance on your Strat or Tele wiring, then you're in the right place! We have several helpful how to guides to get you pointing in the right direction with your guitar maintenance.

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Telecaster Set Up

Read on to learn the best page on Fender Telecaster Setup, with everything from action to intonation explained in detail!

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Stratocaster Set Up

If you need your Strat set up then this guide is for you. Taking you through everything from Truss Rod adjustments to pickup height, this comprehensive guide will have your Stratocaster playing its absolute best in no time.

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General Guitar Setup Guide

If you're looking for something less brand specific, then this Guitar Setup Guide is relevant to any type of instrument.

Learn how to set up your guitar with the Ultimate Guitar Setup Guide.

Headstock Decal

Whether you're applying your own decal, or that of a big name brand, this handy video shows you exactly how to apply your headstock decal, ensuring a sleek and smooth finish on your guitar headstock.

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How to Relic a Guitar

Looking for that vintage aesthetic and don't want to wait 20 years? Then this guide is for you! With plenty of tips and techniques on how to get a realistic relic'd guitar, this will have your guitar looking like a roadworn touring instrument in no time.

Learn how to Relic Your Guitar.

Guitar Wiring Guide

If you want to get started wiring your own pickups and guitar circuits then this is the place to start! Packed with useful tips our Guitar Wiring Guide gives you all the expert advice you need to start customising your own guitar electrics.

Learn the basics with our Guitar Wiring Guide.

How to Change Guitar Tuners

If you're looking to change to some shiny new guitar tuners then this guide will give you all the ins and outs, as well as recommending you some of the best Gotoh tuners to switch to!

Learn how to Change Guitar Tuners.

How to Setup a Floyd Rose Tremolo

The bane of a lot of guitarists existence, the Floyd Rose system is actually pretty easy to use when you know how. This guide gives you loads of great tips for quicker string changes and setups with a Floyd Rose or similar tremolo system.

How to Setup a Floyd Rose, demystified.

The Easy Way to Install a Bigsby

When you combine a Bigsby with the right Vibramate, you can quickly install these great vibrato units on your guitar without drilling any unsightly holes.

Install a Bigsby, the easy way.