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Hipshot Stye 6 string Electric Guitar Bridge

£21.98 - £25.98
£21.98 - £25.98
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This  Hardtail Fixed Bridge is gorgeous, comfortable and high quality. Manufactured from die-cast steel for superior quality and tone. 

The bridge walls eliminate any side to side movement of the saddles and the smooth edges sit well against the hand when palm muting. The saddles are also machined from steel for clarity and response and their block design further adds to the comfort against the hand while playing. The string through body anchoring provides maximum sustain and sound transmission to the guitar body and the classic hardtail design is quick and easy to restring.


  • Die-cast construction for superior tone and quality
  • Bridge sidewalls are comfortable and eliminate sideways saddle movement
  • Comfortable solid steel saddles for clarity, brightness and response
  • String through body anchoring for maximum sound transmission
  • All mounting hardware included
  • String spacing 10.5mm (52.5mm E to E)
String Mounting: