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Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit for Set-up & Repair


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Groovetech Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit

The most common setup needed on acoustic guitars is the truss rod, but adjustment nuts aren't necessarily easy to get to, particularly if accessed through the sound hole.

Central to Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit is a clever locking bit driver that allows for quick interchange of bits, with special bits for both sound hole and headstock truss rod adjustment. Also included are tech kit staples such as thickness gauge and capo for relief measurement, screwdriver bits, string winder, our highly-rated GrooveTech String Cutters, and a telescopic mirror in case you need to have a look inside remote cavities of the body.

Groovetech's Easy Setup Guide walks you through the basic setup process to keep your guitar in top playing shape.

Kit includes:

  • Locking bit driver
  • 4mm & 5mm Soundhole truss rod adjusters
  • #1, #2 Phillips head bits
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Capo
  • String winder
  • String cutters
  • Ruler
  • Telescopic mirror
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