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Gotoh Vintage SD90_Tulip Machine Heads 3 & 3

£31.99 - £43.37

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£31.99 - £43.37

Gotoh SD90 3 & 3 Vintage Tulip Machine Heads

Gotoh vintage tulip tuners in nickel. 3 & 3 configuration with solid posts. Suitable for many types of electric and acoustic guitars, including Gibson/Epihone Les Paul, SG etc. A great addition to any guitar project. Sold as a set of 6, with push fit bushings and mounting screws.

The push-fit bushes have an 8.8mm outer diameter - the headstock holes in your guitar need to be the correct diameter to accept these bushes.

Suitable for almost all 3 & 3 style Headstocks
Screw mounts at 3 and 9 O'clock
Ratio 1:15
Supplied with colour matched 8.8mm bushings and screws

Fitting these to a guitar with modern tuners?

If your guitar currently has modern tuners fitted (The ones secured with a hex nut on the front of the headstock), then you'll need to purchase 10mm adaptor bushings here:

Chrome 10mm Bushings

Gold 10mm Bushings

• Black 10mm Bushings

Sub Category:
Tuners 3 & 3
Tuner Orientation:
3 & 3
Gear ratio:
Tuner hole size:
Bushing type:
Push-in bushing