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Gotoh Ti-TC2 Modern Telecaster Guitar Bridge - Titanium Saddles

£61.48 - £66.93

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£61.48 - £66.93

Gotoh Ti-TC2 Modern Telecaster Bridge

Gotoh's take on the Classic bridge for the Telecaster, but with a twist

This is the next step when it comes to lowering the profile of the vintage bridge - The sides are long gone, and you've got unrestricted access to those saddles.

Sporting Gotohs In-tune titanium saddles that will help correct the intonation, without robbing you of any of the tone.

Suitable for a Standard Telecaster or similar with 4 screw bridge

Versatile “DUAL‐Loading” allows the strings to be top mounted or through-body.

The 4 fixing screws (included) provide maximum sustain and sound transmission to the guitar body.

Compatible with Vintage Telecaster models currently fitted with the Vintage ash-tray type bridge.


  • Titanium saddles for clarity of response and brighter tone
  • Individual saddle adjustment for better intonation
  • Vintage Telecaster bridge pickup mounting holes
  • String through body anchoring or Top loading
  • 4 colour matched screws lock the bridge tight against the body for maximum sound transmission
  • String spacing 10.8mm
  • Made In Japan
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