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Gotoh Ti-TC1S Low Profile Telecaster Vintage Bridge - Titanium Saddles

£60.20 - £71.61

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£60.20 - £71.61

Gotoh BS-TC1S Telecaster Cutaway Bridge with Titanium Saddles

Gotoh's Ti-TC1S bridge is an exact replica of the vintage Fender Telecaster bridge, but with titanium saddles for brighter sound and tonal clarity, and cutaway sides to improve playability. Ideal for palm muting, or for players who want to rest their hand on the bridge.

The Compensated titanium saddles have groves cut in them that stagger the break point of the string, which results in more exact intonation compared to traditional vintage-style saddles. Each saddle is reversible and can be used in any position.

Titanium base plate construction produces rich harmonic overtones and long sustain.

A direct replacement for the original Fender Telecaster ash-tray bridge.

Supplied with colour matched screws and saddle adjusting wrench.

Product Features

  • Cutaway sides for improved playability and palm muting
  • Titanium saddles with staggered string slots for improved intonation and brighter tone
  • Telecaster bridge pickup mounting holes
  • String through body anchoring
  • 4 colour matched screws lock the bridge tight against the body for maximum sound transmission
  • String spacing 10.8mm
  • Made In Japan

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