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Gotoh SG301 Magnum Lock Locking Machine Heads Guitar Tuners 3 x 3


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Gotoh SG301-MGT Machine Heads 3 x 3

The SG301 range of tuners features Gotoh’s own “Magnum” Locking technology, utilising a knurled thumbwheel at the back of the tuner to clamp the string securely in place. This mechanism also makes for lighting-fast string changes. Just feed the string through the peg hole, and tighten the thumbwheel to keep your strings in position and in tune for longer!

Solid brass gears with a 1:18 ratio give a good balance between tuning speed and precision.

Rock-Solid string post technology eliminates unwanted rattle from gears, posts and body assembly. The incorporation of special elastic components maximises the transmission of string vibrations, greatly improving tuning stability. Posts stay strong even during bends and heavy tremolo use.

Each machine head is permanently sealed and lubricated using Gotoh’s 'Lubri-Coat' technology. This non-degradable lubricant ensures better contact between the worm and gear wheel, reducing backlash, and greatly enhancing the accuracy and durability of each tuner.

The 3 x 3 set has the screw attachment holes directly in line with the tuner post, making them a great direct replacement for many Gibson guitar models.


  • 3 left and 3 right handed tuners
  • Magnum Lock for quick and easy string changes
  • 1:18 Gear ratio for tuning precision
  • 'Rock-Solid' string post eliminates rattle and stays strong during bending and tremolo use
  • 'Lubri-Coat' applied to the worm gear for smooth meshing and durability
  • Made in Japan
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