Goldo Back Box Tremolo locking device for Stratocaster and Floyd Rose Tremolos


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Göldo Back Box Tremolo Stabilizer

If you actively use the whammy bar on your Strat or Floyd Rose equipped axe, then you'll be well aware of the issue surrounding tuning stability. Constant divebombing, and even gentle use of the whammy bar, can cause problems with most tremolo units not returning to their neutral position.  

This clever little device automatically returns a tremolo to the same position every time. The guitar will stay in tune better, and tuning is quicker and more accurate.

The backbox stabilizer allows for free floating movement of the whammy bar up or down, and stabilizes the unfingered strings during hard bends.
This stabilization keeps the unbent strings from sagging or dropping slightly.
Designed for Guitars with floating tremolo bridges, such as Fender and Floyd Rose.


  • Eliminates tremolo flutter.
  • Returns every Floyd-Rose or Fender-Style tremolo to it's "neutral" position.
  • Completely invisible once installed.
  • Dimensions: Length: 50mm ; Height: 12mm

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