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Genuine Sperzel Trim Lok Locking Tuners - Chrome 6 in line


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Original Sperzel Trim-lok machine heads 6 in line
With Staggered posts

Sperzel tuning keys offer a unique design and precise machining tolerances to eliminate shaft wobble and provide minimum backlash and endplay, which greatly reduce your guitar's tuning problems. Sperzel's housing extends further up the shaft with the bushing threads on the outside, keeping the string post solid.

All Trim-Lok models are easily reversible, allowing conversion to left-handed or custom configurations. Sperzel has been manufacturing staggered string posts since the late 1970s, allowing for better pull through the nut and reducing the use of string trees on six-in-line guitars with flathead stocks.

Quick, simple, reliable re-stringing

The locking feature eliminates the need for multiple string wraps, and trem users no longer need a locking nut that deadens string sustain and all annoying Allen screws and wrenches (added weight). Tired of tying strings? This is the answer. This model is proven to hold strings tightly, allowing the guitar to stay in tune to improve playing enjoyment. The Trim-Lok is a mechanical type locking system that can be used on ANY guitar, including non-trem or acoustic.

Simply insert your string into the hole and pull all the way through the post until tight, while holding string screw locking knob in until string is locked to post. Do not over-tighten; finger tight will do. Then, tune to pitch (Approximately 1/2 turn with tuning button). You should be in tune; cut excess string and repeat the process for remaining strings

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Tuners 6-in-line
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Right Handed
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Bushing type:
Screw-in hex bushing
1 Year

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    Replacement tuners needed for a "Super Strat"

    Posted by Patrick Martin on 7th Jun 2020

    The old original tuners after 30 years suffered an incident with metal fatigue.
    Having looked around, I heard good things about the quality of many makes of replacements. But one of the things that sold me on the Sperzel was that they made a difference to the tone.
    Normally I would be sceptical, however these came and after box fitted nicely onto my Washburn KC40V and from recorded evidence do seem to have made a positive change.

    Tuning is rock solid and fitting a new string is is so much simpler. I had no idea it could be that easy.