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G Shield EMI Shielding Paint 125ml


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Rustins G-Shield is a high-quality water-borne paint designed to reduce hum/buzz and electrical interferrence in electric guitars.

G Shield can be applied with any brush to the pickup and control cavities in electric guitar/bass to reduce hum and noise. 

It can also be used as conductive paint/paste or ink to make electrically conductive circuits, including switches and for RF/EMI shielding and screening.

G-Shield is solvent free with low-emissions and has lasting corrosion resistance as the paint contains no metal particles, the carbon in the paint prevents the formation of corrosion on metal surfaces. Can be applied under all commonly used emulsion paints and clean organic plasters. G-Shield has incremental shielding attenuation (up to -57 dB for one layer of coating) for the frequency range up to 20 GHz and higher, including the 5G frequency spectrum

• Contains Graphite
• Breathable, low-emissions, solvent-free
• Lasting corrosion resistance, contains no metal
• Can be applied over all commonly used emulsion paints
• Reduces hum and electrical buzz

Supplied in a 125ml tin