Floyd Rose

Original Tremolo - Chrome


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Product Description

Floyd Rose Original Tremolo System - Chrome

The Floyd Rose Original is the most popular double locking tremolo system in the world, used by more pro-level guitarists than any other system of its kind. With an endorsee list that reads like a who's who of guitar legends, when you purchase a Floyd Rose Tremolo System you're standing alongside such legends as Eddie Van Halen, Alex Lifeson, and Richie Sambora.

Floyd Rose Original

The Floyd Rose Original is precision-made in Germany, engineered to exacting specifications using high-quality hardened steel and a nickel-plated brass sustain block.

Floyd Rose Tremolo

Included in the box with this Floyd Rose Tremolo you have the tremolo itself, screw-in tremolo arm, tremolo springs and claw, as well as the mounting screws. Please note this package does not include the locking nut, you will need to purchase this separately.

For full tremolo dimensions check out the PDF here.

Routing diagrams: Inches | MM

Floyd Rose Tremolo System

The Floyd Rose tremolo works by locking your guitar strings down at two points, the nut and the bridge. At the bridge the saddles lock in the string end via bolts, with fine tuners on each string that allow you to sharpen or flatten should the tuning shift via temperature changes or string stretching from extensive use.

The locking nut has three metal plates that lock down two strings each, preventing your strings from moving over the nut and going out of tune whilst using the whammy bar. The guitar is setup and balanced between these two points, meaning that no matter what you do with the strings, it always returns to its original state of tension, and thus stays in tune.

Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo

The Floyd Rose Original Tremolo System gives you all the tools you need to perform outrageous dive bombs and screaming pinch harmonics, as well as more traditional vibrato techniques without your guitar ever going out of tune.


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