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Edge III Tremolo System for RG Series - Chrome


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Ibane Edge III floating Tremolo System

Great replacement on RG series guitars

The Edge III is a double locking tremolo system developed and produced for Ibanez which was introduced in 2005. It eventually replaced the Edge Pro II.

As with most other double locking tremolos, it is based on a design pioneered by Floyd Rose. It has two knife edges which rest against posts. The strings lock into the saddles, which can be adjusted fore and aft for intonation. The tension of the strings is counter-balanced by a set of springs in the rear cavity which attach to a claw which allows the tension to be adjusted. Using this design, the bridge itself floats. Since the bridge mounted in a cavity which is routed out of the top of the guitar, the design allows the player to pull up or push down on the vibrato bar to adjust the pitch up or down — with a non-floating design the bar (and pitch) can only be pushed down.

Like the Edge Pro II, the Edge Pro II utilizes a push-in tremolo bar, but it has a different design than the Edge Pro and Ibanez's other high-end trems. The arm height is adjusted using a 1.5mm allen screw accessed via the rear cavity on the underside of the tremolo arm holder. The rotational torque of the bar is adjusted using a 3mm allen screw recessed into the rear of the tremolo body.

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