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Duesenberg Les Trem II Tremolo for Gibson Epiphone Les Paul - Nickel


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Duesenberg Les Trem II

Did you ever want to simply swap the tailpiece on your guitar for a tremolo without any modification? Meet the Duesenberg Les Trem.

The Duesenberg Les Trem is a compact and simple to install tremolo system for guitars featuring a tune-o-matic bridge and stop-tailpiece.

The Duesenberg Les Trem makes it easy for you to install the incredible Duesenberg tremolo onto any guitar that has a tune-o-matic bridge,  from your favourite Les Paul to your hollow-body es-335 or similar.

It's very easy to install and doesn't require any drilling which could damage your guitar. It's easy to mount and you'll have access to the duesy trem on the guitar of your choice.

It can be mounted on the bushings of a standard stop-tailpiece and does not require any modification to the body of the guitar. If you want to, you can remove it and install the stop-tailpiece back again in seconds.

  • Mounts to the threaded collars on the Stop Tail Piece
  • Very simple installation, no drilling or miling required, just screw tightly into the two existing threaded collars
  • New version with rounded arm for ideal handling
  • 4 Mounting screws included, 2 x metric threading, 2 x imperial threading
    Colour: Nickel

Required spacing of stop-tailpiece studs: 81.5mm/3.2" (Standard measure for most stop-tailpieces)

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    Duesenberg Les Trem II Tremolo

    Posted by Daz on 31st Oct 2018

    Trems really well, with excellent tuning. Installation is a breeze - no marks on the guitar. It functions in a similar way to a Bigsby B7 but with slightly more sensitivity.

    To my ears it takes too much tone away. The guitar (Les Paul Standard) sounded noticeably thinner with it on.
    It's too tall for the correct guitar case! The lid won't close on a regular Les Paul case without forcing it against the protruding trem!

    I sent it back. It may be perfect for a different guitar, or for someone not too worried about tone. Shame really because it works great as a pure trem device, for creatively using pitch manipulation. But it's no good to me if I can't put the guitar away.

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    Duesenberg Les Trem II Tremolo

    Posted by Daz Smith on 26th Oct 2018

    Very easy to fit. I recommend getting a roller bridge to go with it. It works very well, and is slightly more sensitive than a Bigsby B7. Tuning remains very good, especially with a touch of pencil lead in the nut.
    As with most trems, it changes the tone of the guitar - it goes slightly thinner sounding to my ears. The worst part so far is the guitar won't close with it fitted!!! I have to push the lid closed a bit more than I'd like.