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Distortion Driver - 5 Way Switch

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Artec QDD Quadra Distortion Driver On Board Electronics for Electric Guitar

The Artec QDD Quadra Distortion Driver is a unique little component that allows you to install a selection of distortion effects directly into your guitar or amplifier.

There are 4 distortion tones on offer with Clean Boost, Blues Overdrive, Rock Distortion and Heavy Metal covering the spectrum of guitar tone. There is also a passive bypass position which allows your original guitar tone to come through uncoloured. It's like having an overdrive pedal and tube amp built directly into your guitar.

The board is powered by a 9V battery (not included) and the will last around 3000 hours of continuous use due to the simplicity of the circuit. Installation is simple and carries with it the advantage of reducing noisy cables in your signal chain.

Maybe you need to clean up space on your pedalboard, or perhaps you're hunting for the next interesting guitar mod. Whichever it might be, the Artec QDD Quadra Distortion Driver makes for an excellent addition to any guitar.