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Deluxe Pre-Wired Stratocaster Strat Wiring Kit - With Neck/Bridge Blend Control


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Deluxe strat wiring harness with Neck/Bridge blend control

This wiring harness offers a unique and simple way to achieve multiple Strat pickup configurations and tones without drilling holes for switches and push pull pots. It uses a custom made CTS Blender Pot that acts as a True Bypass in the circuit when turned completely clockwise. A regular pot wouldn’t work for this application because you would still hear the other pickup bleed through. Here’s how it works: 

Dial-in your perfect tone 

A Standard 5-Way Strat has 1 volume and 2 tones. The Blender wiring has 1 volume, 1 master tone, and a Blender pot. In the neck position you can blend the bridge pickup in as much as you want. In the bridge position you can blend the neck pickup in as much as you want. In positions 2 and 4 you can have all three pickups on at once. No drilling extra holes for toggle switches or push/pull pots.  

Contents of the Blend-mod kit 

1 x Genuine USA made CRL heavy duty switch
2 x Genuine CTS Audio Taper Pots (250K or 500K)
1 x Genuine Custom CTS No Load Tone Pot (250K or 500K)
1 x Genuine Sprague Orange Drop Cap (0.022uf or 0.047uf)
Vintage cloth covered wire (USA Made)
1 x Mono output jack socket

All fitted to a genuine Fender control shield (helps reduce hum, and eliminates the need for the 3 point wiring to the back of the pots)

Hand Built in the UK

All our wiring harnesses are assembled by us here in the UK using high quality silver solder and USA made vintage cloth push-back wire. We even solder the output jack so the whole this is ready to drop-in.

As the kit is fitted to a Fender control shield there’s no need to dis-assemble the parts to fit them to your scratchplate.  Simply add the whole thing to the underside of your scratchplate and it’s done!

Please note: These control plates are built to order by us here in the UK so please allow 48 hours for us to assemble and despatch your order. 

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