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CTS 300k Audio Taper Pot (Split Shaft) Potentiometer


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High quality full sized volume pot, as used in Eric Johnson's Stratocaster

  • 10%  tolerance for greater contsistancy & accuracy.
  • Very robust and reliable.
  • Total pot depth - 30mm
  • Length of threaded shaft - 9mm
  • Diameter of threaded shaft - 7.8mm
  • Diameter of split shaft - 6mm
  • Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm



Sub Category:
Total Length:
33.5 mm (1.3")
Total Shaft Length:
22.2 mm (0.9")
Threaded Shaft Length:
9.5 mm (0.4")
Threaded Shaft Diameter:
9.5 mm (0.4")
To Fit:
Imperial Size Knobs

Product Reviews

  • 5
    CTS 300k

    Posted by Brendan Behan on 17th Oct 2019

    Gives a little extra bite in the neck pickup

  • 5

    Posted by PierreS on 12th Apr 2019

    GOOD PRODUCT for P90. Smooth,

  • 5
    Perfect for HSS

    Posted by Paul RD on 11th Apr 2019

    I used these 300k pots in my HSS Strat with humbucker at bridge position, and two single coils at middle and neck. The humbucker at 500k was too glassy and bright and at 250k was to dull. At 300k the overall output and tone balances out beautifully with the two singles coil pickups. Nice smooth responsive action on the pot. I would highly reccomend.