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CTS 250k Split Shaft Volume/Tone Potentiometer - Audio Taper or Linear

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CTS Split Shaft Audio Taper / Linear Pots

Fitted as standard to all USA Strats and teles, CTS pots have just a 10% tolerance for greater contsistancy & accuracy and are considered by many to be more robust and reliable.

  • Audio Taper (Logarithmic) Pot
  • Total pot depth - 30mm
  • Length of threaded shaft - 9mm
  • Diameter of threaded shaft - 9.5mm
  • Diameter of solid shaft - 5.9mm
  • Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm

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    CTS 250K Split Shaft Vol/Tone pots

    Posted by Mark Rushton on 10th Dec 2019

    I bought these pots to go with 3 Wilkinson Pickups (another NW Guitars purchase) I'd installed on my old guitar - it's a Vox Phantom 12 string copy, but uses the 'Strat' wiring set up.
    The combination has proved exceptional value for money, the pots, in tandem with an orange drop .022uf cap between the 2 tones to give a smooth clear sound.
    When first installed the pots (VOL -Audio, TONES - Linear) seemed a bit stiff at first, but a shot of contact cleaner in each soon solved that.
    Easy to install and they give excellent response and great clear tones - recommended (just remember to use contact cleaner first!)