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CLEAR GLOSS Nitrocellulose Guitar Paint / Lacquer - 250ml


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250ml Nitrocellulose paint/lacquer

We stock a wide range of high quality nitrocellulose lacquers and paints suitable for use on any guitar project.
We’ve produced a range of colours found on popular guitar models and used our own Strat and Tele bodies for reference. 

This is the same type of lacquer as used on vintage Fender and Gibson guitars which, over time, will produce an aged, tarnished look to your instrument. These are true lacquers, as used by top guitar makers since the 1950s. They dry very quickly and produce a hard glassy finish, unlike other “pre-cat” lacquers


Translucent colour lacquer with a glossy finish
250ml re-sealable tin
Thin 50/50 with quality anti-bloom tinners for best results
Each can is enough to finish 4-5 Telecaster sized bodies (depending on coat thickness) 

These paints and lacquers are very easy to apply and generally require no sanding in-between coats.

Tip: We recommend adding 4-5 coats of clear gloss over the top of all colours for protection and a deeper glossy shine.

Use only in a well ventilated area. Suitable breathing apparatus should be worn 

*Colour may vary slightly depending on number of coats applied, wood type and preparation method. 

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    I have not yet opened the tins , but your service has been right on.

    Posted by gavin wilkinson on 25th Feb 2019

    I shall be using the lacquer on a 1939 cats eyes Gretsch archtop and a 1950"s Huttl archtop, both in need of extensive renovation.

  • 5
    Clear gloss lacquer

    Posted by Reubrecht Luc on 24th Dec 2018

    Rapid sendng very good packing