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Bigsby B7 & VIbramate V7 Kit for Les Paul Style Guitars


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Bigsby B7 with Vibramate V7-LP Mounting Kit - for LEs Paul Style Guitars

Install a Bigsby without drilling any holes and save money with the Bigsby B7 with Vibramate V7-LP Mounting Kit in Polished Aluminium for LP style guitars.

For Carved and Arch Top Guitars

This kit is designed for use with a variety of carved and arch top guitars, including big brands such as Gibson, Epiphone, PRS and plenty more. Add a touch of class to your guitar without destroying the top with this brilliant bit of kit.

Bigsby B7

The Bigsby B7 is one of the most celebrated guitar vibrato units in rock and roll history. Thanks to it’s large tremolo arm, the Bigsby lets you play and manipulate at the same time, so you can quickly add dips, dives, and shimmer to your lead playing and chord work. Adding one of these units to your arch top guitar will give it loads of vintage vibes, they look and sound incredible!

Vibramate V7-LP

The Vibramate V7-LP Mounting Kit lets you install a Bigsby B7 Vibrato to your LP style guitar in minutes, eliminating the need for drilling permanent holes in your beloved instrument. It comes with three felt pads that ensure no damage is done to the top of your guitar, whilst the unique design of the plate prevents any issues with the setup of your guitar.

If you want to easily fit a Bigsby B7 to your carved or arch top guitar then combining with the ingenious design of the Vibramate V7-LP is a no brainer. Get your tremolo installed in minutes with the Bigsby B7 with Vibramate V7-LP Mounting Kit - Polished Aluminium.

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