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Auto Lock Guitar Strap 50mm - Moss

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The D’Addario Auto Lock Guitar Strap is the simplest integrated strap locking system for your performance. Simply slide the strap end over the guitar strap buttons and you are locked in - it’s that easy. The grey latch is spring-loaded so it automatically clamps down on the strap button and will not release until you want it to. Just push up on the grey latch, slide off the end, and the strap is removed.

Works with most strap buttons on the market. The Auto Lock Guitar Strap was designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger.

Designed for players of all genres, D'Addario woven straps offer designs that will please even the most discerning player. From iconic themes to unique patterns and artwork, these durable straps are sure to accent any guitar and are adjustable from 30" to 55" long.


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    Daddario Guitar Strap, Moss

    Posted by Chris on 1st Jan 2021

    Its Christmas so I only got round to trying it today, Jan 1st. Happy New Year. So far, its brilliant! I wanted a wide strap because ordinary ones can dig into my shoulder a bit too much at my age. I have used a wide leather strap with a buckle and holes for length adjustment for a while, and I'm comparing this Daddario strap to that.
    The Daddario is very flexible, the clip-on ends seem very strong, and the strap length is infinitely adjustable so you don't need to drill extra holes to obtain the length that suits you. The flexibility means it takes on the shape of my shoulder and thus spreads the weight of the guitar, making it very comfortable. The clips work well, very easy to attach and detach when required. The ultimate test of the clips would be to go back in time and let Pete Townshend use the strap for a Who gig, but I don't have his phone number or a TARDIS.
    Another advantage is that this strap can be folded or rolled up so that it fits in the average guitar case while still attached to the guitar. Not all straps can do this.
    I can't assess the longevity. All I can say is that the stitching and fittings look as if they should last a long time. Maybe Northern Guitars will let me add my findings in about five years. But assuming your name is not Pete Townshend and provided you are not a leather fetishist I'd say you can't go wrong for twenty-five quid.