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Artec WSH12 Zerbra Wooden Humbucker Soundhole Pickup


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Artec WSH12 Wooden Soundhole Pickup with Alnico V Magnets

The Artec WSH12 Wooden Humbucker caters for acoustic guitarists needing a pickup solution that doesn't involve modifying or potentially damaging their guitar. The pickup simply slots into the soundhole and is fully installed in just a few minutes!

The Alnico V Magnets produces a tone that is both warm and rich, with no 60-cycle hum. Great for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing. Includes studio-quality 14' cable.

Moderate output, instant-mount, hum canceling pickup housed in a wooden cover and double potted.

The 12 adjustable pole pieces allow complete control over individual string balance.


  • Solid wood cover,
  • AlNiCo V Magnet,
  • Gold plated adjustable pole pieces

A great sounding solution to amplify your acoustic guitar. This superb pickup can be mounted to any round soundhole acoustic guitar in seconds.

Attractive solid wood case - Humbucking coil design for low noise with sparkling clarity and definition

Passive pickup - no battery or preamp required - Adjustable pole pieces for optimum string to string balance regardless of string type or guage

Installs quickly and securely with padded screw clamps - Suitable for 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars with a soundhole diameter of 90mm to 100mm approx.

Complete with 1/4" Outside Jack Socket which attaches quickly and securely to any standard end pin or strap button.

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Acoustic Pickups
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