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Artec Vintage Style Single Coil Pickups For Stratocaster with Staggered Poles

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NEW Artec Vintage Style Stratocaster Single Coil Pickups

Fantastic Alnico pickups with an authentic vintage sound

Equally as good as Fender's own American standard pickups, with clear chimey tones and authentic vintage sound. 

Featuring 52mm staggered alnico V magnets, fibreboard bobbins and braided hookup wire. Don't let the price of these pickups deceive you into thinking they're not every bit as good as other brands of a higher price.

Product Features

Magnets: Alnico V

Neck Pickup: 6.3k

Middle Pickup: 6.4k

Bridge Pickup: 6.6k

Pole Spacing:52mm

Middle Pickup RWRP for hum cancelling

Neck, Middle, Bridge
Anico V
Pickup Type:
1 Year

Product Reviews

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    Artec Vintage Pickups for Stratocaster

    Posted by MR GARY ROBINSON on 5th Mar 2021

    Very impressive. Replaced stock pickups in Squire Bullet. Easy installation with modest soldering skills. Pickup positions clearly marked. Solid build and fantastic sonic improvement. Tone much deeper, from cutting treble to rounded low end plus low to no hum. So much better than original pups and to my ears very 'Strat' sounding. Highly recommended.

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    Artec vintage style single coil pickups for Strat

    Posted by Jonathan Jenkins on 18th Feb 2021

    Excellent replacement set of pickups for my Squier Strat. More powerful and brighter than the originals and a distinct difference in sound between the neck and bridge. For the price, brilliant.

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    Artec vintage pickups

    Posted by Paul Martin on 31st Jan 2021

    Bought these to replace ceramic pups on an HB ST20. Ceramics were ok but a little too bright for my taste. Artecs are inexpensive but are excellent. I now have all the fender tones and that “bark” you can get from a strat. My luthier friend reckons my HB is now better than fenders own budget models and every bit as good as strats costing 10 times as much. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Artec pickups

    Posted by David Sillars on 27th Jan 2021

    First off the delivery was exceptionally fast. I'd ordered a few things, these among them. I'm new to strat style guitars being an LP and acoustic foggy. But comparing these to the pups on two other Strat styles I had been fixing up for pals , well heck! Blown away by the sound. Absolutely fantastic. Each pup has a distinctive voice, neck is warm and smooth , bridge has lovely attack. Stuck them on a nice pink pearloid plate which I'm hoping to transfer into a decent body from Northwest Guitars as the kit I have is sub par. Great buy.

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    Artec hot 60's pickups

    Posted by Barry Cunliffe on 24th Nov 2020

    I cant rate these pickups highly enough they sound authentic & are great value for money.

  • 5
    Phenomenal value for money

    Posted by Chris Firth on 3rd Jul 2020

    Bought a set to replace the pickups in my old MiM Strat, and I'm bowled over with the sound - they sound tremendous.
    Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by Graham Strutt on 10th Jun 2020

    These pickups are very good quality for the price.

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    Pretty good!

    Posted by Ash Joseph on 9th Nov 2019

    These replaced the standard pickups in a Fender MIM strat. Overall, it's a definite upgrade! It sounds much more chimey and "strat-like" than the MIM ceramics. The neck and bridge are really lovely, smooth and articulate. The bridge I find a bit shrill, but I've heard this can be the case with lots of vintage style strat pickups.

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    Artec Vintage Style Single Coil Strat Pickups w/staggered poles

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2019

    Great value set of strat pickups, received them quickly after ordering, no probs installing and great tone and sound from each individually and in combination.