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Artec Vintage P90 Dog Ear Pickups with Alnico V Magnets

£20.25 - £29.83

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£20.25 - £29.83

Artec Dog Ear P90 Pickups

Utilising high grade Alnico V magnets, If  you're looking for a vintage bark from your hollowbody,  LP Jnr,  or similar P90 equipped solid-body, this pickup will do the job! They have a moderate output to let your guitar's natural tone shine through, allowing you to crank the Master Volume into overdrive, without the feedback problems caused by some ceramic magnet pickups.

The Artec Alnico V P90 is also brass-backed and wax potted to help eliminate microphonic feedback. Perfect for both Clean Jazz and Dirty Vintage Blues/Rock. A professional grade pickup at a fantastic price


  • Magnets: Alnico V
  • Bridge RWRP for hum cancelling

Neck Pickup: 8.8K • Bridge Pickup: 9.4K

Neck Pole Spacing:50mm • Bridge Pole Spacing:52mm

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    Artec P90 pick up set

    Posted by Keith Rudd on 8th May 2019

    I bought this set to replace the pick ups on my Epiphone Casino Coupe.
    I was quite happy to use them as they were with black plastic covers, but then I found that they could fit very nicely into the metal Epiphone covers. Even better.
    I was unhappy with the sound of the original pick ups which squealed too much when using overdrive/gain. These Artec ones did no such thing and have a really good tone clean or dirty.
    I would highly recommend them but I don't want other people to know my little secret.....
    Oops! Too late.

  • 5
    Artic P90 dog ear pick ups

    Posted by keith rudd on 6th May 2019

    Exactly what I wanted for my Epiphone Casino Coupe at a fraction of the price of anything else on the market. Also, a perfect fit. I was even able to use the Epiphone covers instead of the plastic ones and am really happy with the result.
    The pick ups do just what they are described as doing with no unwanted squealing when driven hard.
    That was the reason I changed from the Epiphone ones, Great tone on theses and a really remarkable price. My only regret is that anyone who reads this will go and change their pick ups and then I won't be the only one with an amazing sounding Epiphone Casino.